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We offer reliable accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, and management consulting services to the media and entertainment industry.

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The media and entertainment industry has seen a significant shift from traditional to digital distribution of content. Due to this digital disruption, media companies need a different approach for revenue allocation keeping in mind changed tax implications, ROI projections, transformed business model, etc, while maintaining focus on audience retention. Therefore, keeping up with upcoming trends can drive business growth and success. We believe that there has been a subsequent decline in the flow of revenue to Canadian media companies that still operate with traditional broadcasting. Thus, we provide effective financial solutions tailored to industry requirements and help media companies navigate this shifting landscape for new opportunities.

At CJCPA, our dedicated team offers strategic film production accounting, bookkeeping, business advisory, tax preparations, and all-inclusive financial management services to the media and entertainment industry. We help media companies to adapt new changes through our unique financial strategies and solutions. Our media and entertainment accountants provide professional advice that ensures financial stability and peace of mind. We manage and help maximize your tax credit with our taxation services. Our aim is to make your business sustainable in this fast-changing environment by identifying and minimizing potential risks involved in the media and entertainment industry.

We work closely with studios, broadcasters, distributors, and production companies to make businesses perform and run at a higher level. We combine our highly-skilled expert knowledge with years of practical experience to meet unique challenges and make your business grow.

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