10 Clever Tips for Corporations to Slash Their Tax Bills

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    27 Apr 2023
    The majority of tax planning is straightforward. However, most of the corporates and self employed professionals have a key focus area -  how to save on taxes in Canada. Every dollar saved on taxes can be invested back in the business.  To make the most of your tax return, it's critical to understand that there are two major ways to lower your tax liability:  (1) tax deductions and (2) tax credits. In this blog post, we will share 10 clever tips that can help corporate entities in Canada slash their tax bills and achieve financial success.

    Optimize Your Business Structure

    Choosing the right business structure can have a significant impact on your tax bill. For example, incorporating your business can provide tax benefits such as small business deductions and lower corporate tax rates. On the other hand, sole proprietorships and partnerships are taxed at the personal tax rate, which can be higher than the corporate tax rate. By working with a Corporate Tax filing Surrey Canada firm, you can determine the best business structure for your needs and reduce your tax bill.  

    Keep Accurate Records

    All of your accounting and financial documents are records, which must be preserved for business reporting and compliance. Keeping accurate records is crucial for reducing your tax bill. By tracking your business expenses and income, you can claim deductions and credits that you are entitled to, which can significantly reduce your tax liability. Additionally, keeping accurate records can help you avoid penalties for incorrect tax filings. Hiring a CPA in Surrey Canada, can help you keep accurate records and ensure that you comply with Canadian tax laws.  

    Use Tax Software

    Tax software can help you file your tax returns accurately and efficiently. Many tax software programs have built-in checks and balances that can identify errors and omissions, which can reduce the risk of penalties and audits. Additionally, tax software can help you identify deductions and credits that you may have missed, which can reduce your tax bill.  

    Consider Salary vs. Dividends

    Consider the option of receiving income as salary or dividends. Salary income is taxed at the personal tax rate, while dividends are taxed at a lower rate. A proficient Corporate Tax filing Canada firm can help you choose the right mix of salary and dividends to reduce your overall tax bill.  

    Claim Capital Cost Allowance (CCA)

    Capital cost allowance (CCA) is a tax deduction that allows you to deduct the cost of depreciable assets over a period of time. By claiming CCA on your business assets, you can reduce your tax bill and improve your cash flow. It's important to note that the amount of CCA you can claim depends on the class of asset and the tax rules that apply.  

    Use Income Splitting Strategies

    Income-splitting strategies can help you reduce your tax bill by allocating income to family members who are in a lower tax bracket. For example, you can pay a salary to a spouse or child who is working in the business, or you can allocate dividends to family members who are shareholders of the corporation. By using income-splitting strategies, you can reduce your overall tax liability and maximize tax savings.  

    Take Advantage of Tax Credits

    Tax credits can help you reduce your tax bill by providing direct deductions from your tax liability. Some common tax credits for corporate entities in Canada include the scientific research and experimental development tax credit, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, and the apprenticeship job creation tax credit. By researching and taking advantage of these credits, you can reduce your tax bill and improve your bottom line.  

    Maximize Your Deductions

    Deductions are another way to reduce your tax bill. By maximizing your deductions, you can reduce your taxable income and your tax liability. Some common business deductions in Canada include salaries and wages, office expenses, and travel expenses. By working with a Chartered Professional Accountants Canada firm, you can identify deductions that you may have missed and reduce your tax bill.  

    Use Retirement Plans

    Retirement plans such as Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) and Registered Pension Plans (RPPs) can help you reduce your tax bill by allowing you to defer taxes on your contributions until retirement. Additionally, some retirement plans offer employer-matching contributions, which can further reduce your tax bill and increase your retirement savings.

    Hire a Chartered Professional Accountants Canada Firm

    Finally, one of the best ways to reduce your tax bill is to work with an experienced CPA firm. An experienced CPA can provide expert advice and guidance on tax planning strategies, identify deductions and credits that you may have missed, and ensure that your tax filings are accurate and compliant with Canadian tax laws. Additionally, a CPA firm can provide ongoing support throughout the year, which can help you stay on top of your tax obligations and avoid penalties and interest charges.  


    Reducing your tax bill is an important part of financial success for corporate entities in Canada. By following these 10 clever tips, you can identify tax planning strategies that are right for your business, maximize deductions and credits, and reduce your overall tax liability. At CJCPA, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their financial goals by providing expert Corporate Planning & Compliance Canada services.  Even if you are looking for a Personal Tax filing Canada service you can Trust Our Expert CPAs to Handle Your Taxes!  Contact us today to learn how we can help you reduce your tax bill and achieve financial success.
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