What Is Line 10100 On Tax Return?

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    10 Jul 2023
    When you file tax on your employment income, you will surely stumble upon the Line 10100 tax return, formally known as Line 101 till 2019. Just like we stay updated with our credit scores, loan payments, and tax credits, it is integral to learn about different particulars of our tax forms, so as to not file anything incorrectly. This blog will educate you about tax line 10100, and why it is a necessary part of our tax filing process.

    What Do We Mean By A Tax Line?

    Before learning about line 10100, it is better to learn what these “lines” are. Tax lines appear in tax reporting forms, intended to simplify the documentation of tax filing in Canada. Both the Canadian government and Canada Revenue Agency use it.  Every tax line on these forms is based on a different characteristic of your tax return. Before the 2019 tax season, these lines would be 3-4 numbers long. However, from the 2019 tax season onwards, CRA revised them to be 5 digits long. Do you need help with filing tax returns? Talk to CPA in Surrey Canada at CJCPA and resolve issues with lines 10100 and 10400 quickly!

    What Is Line 10100 On Tax Return Canada?

    The tax line 10100 is where a Canadian resident would declare their employment income. This amount will include:
    • Salaries 
    • Commissions
    • Gratuities
    • Honorariums
    • Wages
    • Bonuses
    • Tips
    For the upcoming tax season, your employer/ employers will provide you a T4 slip. In this slip, there is a “box 14” that reports all your employment income. The total amount shown in this “box 14” in the T4 slip is shown in line 10100. If you haven’t received the T4 slip, kindly contact your employer. Note: The CRA line 10100 shows the employment income, but isn’t an indicator of your total income. When you file the return on Line 15000, this amount will be lower.  

    Where To Find Line 10100 On Tax Return?

    If you are a newcomer to taxes, then locating tax line 10100 can be confusing. The line is necessary for you to file an annual return and verify your CRA login.  For all the completed federal tax returns from 2019 onwards, you can follow the steps to locate Line 10100: Where To Find Line 10100 On Tax Return?   Besides, it is marked as the “Total Income” section in T1, and it also appears first in the Step 2 part of your territorial or provincial income return form.

    What Is Line 10400 On CRA Tax Return?

    Any other income that you receive, which isn’t reported in the T4 slip and line 10100 tax return is reported in line 10400. It can include any income earned from another country, insurance programs, etc. Here are some of the examples of income not reported in tax line 10100 being covered in 10400:  
    Research Grants The amount provided for research work.
    Employment Income from Another Country Income you earn outside Canada, or receive from any country outside Canada.
    Benefits for Veterans The T4A Slip will be available in Box 127.
    Royalties Income earned from published books and other such royalty agreements.
    Wage-Loss Replacement Plan Wage-Loss Replacement Plan or WLRP offers short-term disability, long-term disability or weekly indemnity benefits. 
    Clergy’s Housing Allowance Stipend received from church to pay for the housing of a clergy.
    Rebate on Sales Tax Tax credits received on provincial and territory sales tax must be mentioned in line 10400.
    If you receive income from insurance plans or additional workplace payment plans, you must include it in line 10400. For Example, you receive supplementary unemployment benefit plans, profit-sharing plans with employees, wage-earning protection programs, group term life insurance and medical premium apart from employment income. Thus, you must mention them in line 10400.   

    File Taxes Easily!

    Whether you do your taxes or seek help from CPA in Surrey Canada, Line 10100 will demand special attention surely, as it is one of the most integral parts of provincial, territorial, and federal tax returns. If you receive income from employment line 10100 becomes quite relevant for you to know. For any advice regarding personal taxes, corporate taxation, compliance, financial planning, business evaluation, and more, kindly contact the experts of Corporate Planning & Compliance Canada firm CJCPA. It is a British Columbia-based firm that deals with individuals, self-employed professionals, small businesses, and big corporations, fulfilling their bookkeeping and accounting needs. Stay updated with our blogs for more such info!  
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