Tax Hacks for Corporations: How to Legally Reduce Your Tax Burden

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    29 Apr 2023
    Taxes trouble almost everyone except accountants, but they are an unavoidable reality of life. The rules are always changing, and the deck may be stacked against the honest taxpayer.  Do you want to lower your tax bill? You, of course, do. If you're in a high tax bracket, you'll be relieved to know that there are dozens of tax-cutting techniques available to you. However, you must be diligent enough to seek them or consult with a financial professional who can educate you. Tax laws change often, and the increased complexity can make it difficult for high-income earners and high-net-worth individuals to keep up with the latest tax techniques.  Don't worry; there are still simple options for Canadians to decrease their tax liability. We'll look at a few of them in this article.  

    Increase Your Business Deductions

    Deductions are another method for lowering your tax payment. You can lower your taxable income and tax burden by maximizing your deductions. Salaries and wages, office expenditures, and travel expenses are all frequent company deductions in Canada. By taking advantage of these deductions, your corporation can reduce the amount of tax you pay. Working with a Chartered Professional Accountants Canada firm can help you uncover potential deductions and lower your tax burden.   

    Make Use of Tax Credits

    There are many tax credits available to Canadian corporations that can help reduce their tax burden. For example, if your corporation invests in research and development, you may be eligible for the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit. This credit can be used to reduce your corporation's income tax payable or to receive a refund for taxes already paid. There are also tax credits available for hiring trainees, investing in renewable energy projects, and using certain technologies, such as computer hardware and software. It is important to note that eligibility requirements and the amount of the tax credit can vary depending on the credit.  

    Split Income with Family Members

    If your corporation is family-owned, you can reduce your tax burden by splitting income with family members. By paying your spouse or children a salary, you can reduce the amount of income that is subject to the highest tax bracket. This can result in significant tax savings for your corporation. It is important to note that there are rules and restrictions around income splitting to prevent abuse. For example, the family member must be actively involved in the business and the salary paid must be reasonable for the work performed. You can lower your overall tax liability and maximize tax savings by employing income-splitting options.  

    Use Capital Cost Allowance

    Capital cost allowance (CCA) is a tax deduction that allows Canadian corporations to deduct the cost of depreciable assets over time. By using CCA, your corporation can reduce the amount of tax you pay on your profits. It is important to note that the amount of CCA you can claim is subject to certain limits and restrictions. For example, the CCA rate for different classes of depreciable assets can vary and the amount of CCA you can claim in a year is limited to the undepreciated capital cost of the asset. It is important to work with a proficient Corporate Tax filing Canada firm to ensure that you are correctly calculating and claiming CCA.  

    Optimize Your Business Structure

    The structure of your firm might have a substantial impact on your tax bill. Incorporating your business, for example, can provide tax advantages such as small business deductions and reduced corporate tax rates. Sole partnerships, on the other hand, are taxed at the personal tax rate, which might be higher than the corporate tax rate. You can lower your tax cost by working with a Corporate Tax filing Surrey Canada agency to find the optimal business structure for your needs.  

    Employ the Services of a CPA in Surrey Canada Firm

    Finally, working with an expert CPA firm is one of the best strategies to lower your tax bill. An experienced CPA can provide expert advice and direction on tax planning techniques, identify potential deductions and credits, and verify that your tax filings are accurate and in accordance with Canadian tax regulations. Furthermore, an Accountant surrey may give continuing assistance throughout the year, allowing you to keep on top of your tax requirements and avoid fines and interest costs.  


    There are many legal ways to reduce your corporation's tax burden in Canada. By using small business deductions, tax credits, income splitting, CCA, and incorporating your business, you can save money on taxes and reinvest those savings back into your business. However, it is important to consult with a professional Business Planning Solution Canada accountant or tax expert to ensure that you are taking advantage of all available tax benefits and complying with all applicable tax laws. At CJCPA, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in achieving their financial objectives through expert Corporate Planning & Compliance Canada services.  Contact us today to see how we may assist you in lowering your tax bill.
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